Raspberry-Peach Jam from The Feed: America’s Test Kitchen

Thank you Lori Galvin for posting this wonderful recipe for raspberry-peach jam. I’m fairly new to jam making (especially when actually following a recipe). This one is great! It was super easy to make, and I never once felt like it might not get to the thickening stage, as so often happens.

The sights and smells that fill your kitchen while making this great jam will bring home Summer. Beautiful colors and flavors mix to make a slightly tart spreadable fruit. I love how little sugar this recipe called for, it’s as close to eating just fruit as I’ve gotten when making jam.

My 10 year old nephew, Giovanni, helped me out. He loved when one of the peaches fell out the window while I was shooting a picture. He was a great help in measuring out the sugar and checking the recipe to make sure I was actually following it. Gio was in charge of testing out the thickened jam on the back of the frozen spoon. He’s a maker of robotic things, magician, stop-motion animator and a great guitar player. He also has an interest in all kinds of crafts and is game for helping me with a variety of projects.

I added three vanilla beans split open to the jam during cooking. Every time I make jam, I love to add a little something extra like vanilla beans or jalapeños. It makes the jam turn out just a little bit different and everyone knows that it was made by me.

You can find the recipe here, at America’s Test Kitchen’s The Feed. Thanks again to Lori Galvin for sharing!

rasp_peach_jam2.jpg - rasp_peach_jam2.jpgrasp_peach_jam7.jpg - rasp_peach_jam7.jpgrasp_peach_jam53.jpg - rasp_peach_jam53.jpgrasp_peach_jam8.jpg - rasp_peach_jam8.jpgrasp_peach_jam1.jpg - rasp_peach_jam1.jpgrasp_peach_jam3.jpg - rasp_peach_jam3.jpgrasp_peach_jam43.jpg - rasp_peach_jam43.jpgrasp_peach_jam10.jpg - rasp_peach_jam10.jpgrasp_peach_jam11.jpg - rasp_peach_jam11.jpgrasp_peach_jam6.jpg - rasp_peach_jam6.jpgrasp_peach_jam9.jpg - rasp_peach_jam9.jpgrasp_peach_jam12.jpg - rasp_peach_jam12.jpgrasp_peach_jam14.jpg - rasp_peach_jam14.jpgrasp_peach_jam13.jpg - rasp_peach_jam13.jpgrasp_peach_jam16.jpg - rasp_peach_jam16.jpgrasp_peach_jam15.jpg - rasp_peach_jam15.jpgrasp_peach_jam17.jpg - rasp_peach_jam17.jpgrasp_peach_jam18.jpg - rasp_peach_jam18.jpg


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